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U.S. Wing Chun Demonstration at San Francisco Chinatown Chinese New Year Street Fair February 23 201

The U.S. Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy will be demonstrating at the Southwest Sponsored San Francisco Chinatown Street Fair on February 23, 2019. Our demonstration time will be at 1:00pm. The main stage will be at the corner of Washington Street and Grant Avenue located close to the Portsmouth Parking Garage.

Please come join us to celebrate the Year of the Pig in 2019. This will be a family event where kids, parents, and family will be invited and participating.

The line up will be a demonstration from the kids programs at the Academy plus followed by the U.S. Wing Chun adults demonstration group. The activities we will demonstrate are general techniques derived from various forms of the Wing Chun system. We will also use the Mook Yan Jong or also known as the wooden dummy in our showcase.

The entire festival will be followed by the Chinatown Parade.

Chinatown Street Festival

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