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Wing Chun Lessons

Speed, Power & Technique

Our proven Wing Chun training builds a student's fighting attributes through disciplined exercise and partner training. Unlike some other Gung Fu methods, Wing Chun is based on real fighting. Said to be created by a woman, Wing Chun is designed to be structurally faster and more efficient than other methods, and to prevail against a stronger opponent.

First Build Devastating Power

The Siu Nim Tao (小念頭) is Wing Chun's foundation. Translated as “young idea,” the form teaches the cultivation of power through body unity and dynamic tension. 

Like many traditional Chinese Gung Fu systems, Wing Chun utilizes Qi Gong exercises for power generation and cultivation of punching ability. 

Siu Nim Tao is a challenging exercise that, 
when performed diligently, will toughen the body and spirit, building the required skills necessary for self-defense.

In addition to physical gains, Siu Nim Tao also provides the theoretical basis for the techniques that will be developed further as the student progresses, as it contains roughtly 85% of the techniques in the Wing Chun system.

As the student progresses they will learn other forms, which incorporate concepts of kicking, fighting multiple opponents, and use of close range techniques such as knees and elbows.  Advanced students will master the Wooden Dummy, or Mook Yan Jong (木人樁), the Wing Chun Long Pole and the infamous 'eight-chopping' short swords, or Bot Jom Do. (八斬刀)

Then Add Speed and Technique

Through dynamic training exercises such as 'sticking hands' or chi sao, (黐手) students learn to apply their fighting art.  Chi Sao is most commonly known as a sensitivity exercise or a trapping drill; this is true, but it is also a sparring method.  Under careful instruction, Chi Sao allows students to safely and systematically hone their skills to meet the challenges and realities of real fighting.  Wing Chun favors a close range sparring format, because this is the range at which a fighter is in the most danger. 

Wing Chun is a multiphasic style, that incorporates fighting at multiple ranges.  It's strategy changes along with the situation.  In a boxing context, on the offense, Wing Chun could be considered to be a overwhelmingly aggressive pressure fighting method, or defensively, a counterfighting style.  Wing Chun uses devastating techniques that would be illegal in the ring, but are right at home on the street or in combat.

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