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Corporate Wellness Programs

If you are interested in having this program available at your workplace - we can do that too! 

Workout at Work 

Wing Chun is an effective short-range martial art that improves your physical skills. It is one of the best martial arts for corporate environments due to the limited space available in an office. We must warn you that sharpening these skills will improve your performance at work and give your superhuman showmanship. Your keyboard will fear you! 

Major principles of the system are power, speed, and technique. In the US Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy’s program, we will be following the training method of Grandmaster Chris Chan, a senior student of the legendary master Ip Man. Grandmaster Chris Chan is also a childhood friend and training partner of the late Bruce Lee. With many awards, honors, and accolades, Grandmaster Chris Chan is at the forefront of this dynamic martial art.

Zynga martial arts woode dummy
Twitter Wooden Dummy Blue - US Wing Chun Corporate Wellness
Building Internal Power and Strength

In this program, we will develop internal power or “Qi”, learn to move with cat-like speed, and develop dynamic techniques. Wing Chun is a practical martial art with a strong sense of self-defense and is one of the only martial arts created by a woman. The Wing Chun system dates back to the 1600’s in Foshan Southern China, the center of all Chinese martial arts styles. We will be emphasizing discipline, health, internal power, confidence, self-respect, and the respect for others. We will also explore the history and culture of this martial art treasure.



De-Stress and Reduce Occupational Injuries

Beyond just an effective martial arts system, Wing Chun can be used anywhere to combat stress or occupational injuries such as carpal tunnel or repetitive strain. We train to not only physically strengthen areas vulnerable to these strains but also psychologically temper our emotions. Wing Chun provides for an alternative to find relief through movement therapy. It strengthens our tendons through a practice we call (Yee Gun Ging.) Our system takes a holistic healing approach to transforms both our bodies and mind with motions that are found in Wing Chun. As our Grandmaster Chris Chan always says, “You can be the strongest person in the world!” Believe it as you may but power comes both physically and mentally. Stretching your physical abilities and mental capabilities to its farthest reach can only improve upon your daily activities at work and at home. The great thing about Wing Chun is that it is not dependent on how young or flexible you are to be proficient. You can start at any age and at anybody condition.

Health and Wellness Corporate Fairs

U.S. Wing Chun is a frequent participant in annual corporate health and wellness fairs for employees. We have participated in many on-site health programs working with corporate clients and their employees to improve on their knowledge in strength building and mental health using Wing Chun. Companies we have participated are: Zynga, Twitter, ZenDesk, DropBox, Sephora, Trulia, RichRelevance, and many others. Contact us if you would like our organization on site at your facilities. 


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