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Children's Program

Designed to teach the core principles and techniques in a safe, fun, and supportive environment.

Classes for your Lil' Wabbit

Our Lil' Wabbit (Little Rabbits) kid's program is designed for children ages 4 through 13. Our young students learn discipline, respect, self-confidence, and coordination through active participation in traditional Chinese martial arts for kids. The program also prepares them to eventually join the juniors program.

US Wing Chun martial arts for Kids

Programs For Children

Lil’ Wabbit is an extraordinary program complete with a customized facility dedicated to introduce children to Wing Chun based fitness. Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art and form of self-defense that emphasizes practicality, technique, and strength. Kids ages four through thirteen years will actively participate in activities to learn the Wing Chun sequences and techniques, preparing them to eventually join the adult program of Wing Chun Kung Fu. This children Wing Chun based fitness program is the first of its kind and will help children develop strength, balance, agility, coordination, perseverance, and most importantly, self-confidence.

Skills Learned.

Students will learn the structure and foundation of Wing Chun Kung Fu. The Wing Chun system has three main forms: siu nihm tao, chum kiu, and biu jee. Siu nihm tao, also known as “little idea,” teaches principle hand movements (bong sao, tahn sao, fook sao, biu jee, gan sao, pak sao) that can be practiced on the mini mookjongs. These principle movements can then be integrated into sequences like the Wooden Dummy 108 Combinations or chi sao (sticky hands) 12 combinations.

Lil’ Wabbit is designed to help children develop a strong foundation in the techniques and forms of Wing Chun in order to later introduce them to the power and beauty of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Once children are given the building blocks of Wing Chun, they can use their creativity to develop sequences of their own using the fundamental forms they learned. This type of training improves focus and concentration, enhances coordination and hand sensitivity, and builds greater reflexes, agility, strength, and creativity. 

Our Approach.

What is a MookJong?

A mook yan jong is translated wooden man dummy. It is a centuries old martial arts training tool that represents an opponent's body, arms and legs. When used properly it builds bone density and enhances your techniques.

The mookjong provides the physical sense of an opponent and is crucial in helping students develop the footwork, angles, hand sensitivity, and details that are essential for the Wing Chun Kung Fu system. Mini MookJongs are one-third the size of traditional wooden dummies and fully padded for protection. 

During each class, the instructor will go through different Wing Chun sequences and techniques. The students will follow along slowly until the actions have been mastered. Afterwards, the children will have the opportunity to practice these moves on 10-15 traditional wooden dummies, or mookjong, and continue to follow along with the instructor. Slow and deliberate movement on the mookjongs will then lead to faster and more coordinated movement with the instructor and the rest of the class.

Certified Instructors.

US Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy was founded by Grandmaster Chris Chan. He has taught thousands of students from around the world, many of whom have started their own Wing Chun studios. Lil’ Wabbit instructors are certified instructors, meaning they have benefitted from the teaching of Grandmaster Chan and have been awarded the honor of sifu, or teacher. In addition, Lil’ Wabbit certified instructors have undergone additional training and certification to tailor the Wing Chun principles of power, speed, and technique to fit children’s specific needs. All Lil’ Wabbit instructors have years of Wing Chun Kung Fu experience and are proficient in the various forms and exercises that are the foundation of Wing Chun.

Age Groups.

Each one-hour class will contain 10 to 15 students, either ages 4-8 years or 9-17 years. These two age groups will allow for the class to be taught at the appropriate pace. Lil’ Wabbit is designed to introduce children to the ABCs of Wing Chun Kung Fu, and students will be taught to apply learned sequences and techniques to a customized traditional wooden dummy known as the mookjong.


Family Classes.

Family classes will be available for parents who would like to partake in the class with their child. These parent and child classes promote family activity and can help the child practice forms and techniques at home as well. With Lil’ Wabbit, children can begin learning Wing Chun based fitness through their attachment to a parent, creating an environment of safety and support.

  • New Students: Please come 15 minutes before the sessions.

  • Casual gym attire until Lil’ Wabbit uniform has been purchased.

  • Bring water and a workout towel.

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