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Thanks DropBox Corporate Wellness

DropBox Inc. celebrated Asian heritage on 8-8-18 with the U.S. Wing Chun corporate wellness demo team. The Academy was

invited to introduce the martial art of Wing Chun to an audience of summer interns and employees. The program was a 2 hour corporate health and wellness program set to improve on basic everyday movements by incorporating natural motions within the wing chun system.

The event started with an explanation of the art form followed by a demonstration. The group was divided into 5 different groups that worked on basics of the Siu Nim Tao, first form of wing chun. Each instructor helped small groups of the new students to build their foundation, hand gestures, basic punches, and core movements. Other techniques were practiced on a wooden dummy or mookjong, made of solid wood, that is used as a solo training partner to practice all the moves on. The event was ended with a group exercise called Chi Sao, sticky hands, that was a culmination of all the other 5 exercises learned in each small group setting.

We ended the night with a great dinner at their corporate dining facilities. Thank you for the invite!

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