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Donnie Yen is Fighting Jackie Chan in ‘Ip Man 4’

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Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan in Ip Man 4

In a Weibo post in June, lead star Yen announced that the movie completed filming scenes in China, although he was unable to celebrate with the cast and crew over other commitments.

The actor confirmed the film in 2017 and shared the first look in April.

“Ip Man 4” follows Bruce Lee’s arrival in the United States with hopes of opening his own martial arts school, which turned out to be challenging when he offends locals.

Ip Man (Yen), who comes to Lee’s aid, then earns the locals’ respect and helps lay the foundations of kung fu in America.

According to Chinese entertainment outlet, the film’s biggest highlight is Yen’s fight scene with Chan, who plays “a respected Big Brother in Chinatown.”

Directed by Wilson Yip, “Ip Man 4” also includes Scott Akins and Vanness Wu in the cast, both newcomers to the film series.

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