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Power / Speed / Technique

U.S. Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy in San Francisco

Classes for Adults / Teens / Children


Due to COVID-19 

we are canceling the March 28th celebrations. When the pandemic slows and the time is appropriate, we will reschedule the celebration.

Photo by Cynthia Jeong


U.S. Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy


Founded 1960 in San Francisco by Grandmaster Chris Chan, a first-generation student of the late Grandmaster Ip Man.  During Grandmaster Chris Chan's training in Hong Kong, he studied alongside the martial arts legend Bruce Lee.  For 60 plus years, Grandmaster Chris Chan has taught Wing Chun Kung Fu to students of all ages and continues to carry on the tradition. Classes are available for adults, teens, and juniors / children.


/ Grandmaster Chris Chan

Grandmaster Chan Kam Shing (Chris Chan) was born in Hong Kong in the Year of the Dragon. In 1955, he witnessed Wing Chun Kung Fu for the first time. This experience made such an impression on the young Chris Chan, he immediately sought the acceptance of the legendary master Ip Man and became a student.

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/ Grandmaster Ip Man

Late 19th century, in the city of Fu San, Canton Province, Southern China, the famous Wing Chun instructor Master Chan Wah Shun taught only an exclusive group of students. Seven-year-old Ip Man had a burning desire to learn. When approached, Master Chan Wah Shun was impressed with young Ip Man's passion and became his last pupil.

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From downtown, take N Judah Outbound to the 19th Ave stop


1267 20th Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94122

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